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Linden Knoll Resident Surprises “Senior to Senior” Program Partner

Harley School student Jerry Sun recently turned 18 years old, and his birthday celebration included a surprise visit from his “Senior to Senior” program partner, Nancy Jarose, a resident of Linden Knoll. Nancy brought Jerry a special gift, balloons and breakfast treats for him and his classmates. The two met through the Harley School’s program which connects high school seniors with older adults in the community. Moved by Nancy’s generosity and kindness, Jerry said, “I never thought I would be matched with such a kind elder.”

The birthday visit was the first time Nancy and Jerry met in person; they have been communicating via email for most of the program, sharing stories and experiences. Jerry recently asked Nancy for her definition of life. After giving the question much thought, Nancy’s response included the following advice:

  • Be kind to others.
  • Render assistance to those in need.
  • Be gracious to your parents in their “old age” – equally as well or better than they nurtured you in your young years.
  • Smile! Frowns are not allowed.
  • Be true and kind to yourself.
  • Life is full of ups and downs. Treasure the ups and learn from the downs; they create character.
  • Life is what you make of it. Give it your best shot and you will have no regrets.
  • Lastly: dream big, work hard and enjoy the journey!

About Linden Knoll

Linden Knoll, a senior living apartment residence in Brighton, New York, is part of the Friendly Senior Living continuum of caring communities which also includes Cloverwood, an active independent senior living community in Pittsford; Glenmere at Cloverwood, which offers assisted living, enhanced assisted living and memory care; and the Friendly Home, a skilled nursing home in Brighton offering 24-hour care, transitional care, memory care and hospice care.

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