Volunteer Spotlight

Peggy Hoff

“I am forever grateful to the Friendly Home family for providing a loving and caring home for my mother and my aunt. Their lives were enriched by the many activities and programs provided here,” says Peggy, explaining why the Friendly Home holds such a special place in her heart.

Peggy, currently a Gift Shop volunteer, describes what she likes most about her time at the Friendly Home: “The contact with the Members. They love the opportunity to share their stories, and I am constantly learning from them. I truly feel more blessed to give than to receive.”

Volunteering runs in Peggy’s family. Nearly 40 years ago, her son was among the first group of Allen Creek Elementary School students who came to visit with Members on a weekly basis, a program that continues today. “Who would’ve thought that 25 years later my mom would be the recipient of these visits? How she loved them!” Peggy remembers.

Peggy notes that though there have been many changes at the Friendly Home over the years, some constants remain: “The friendly spirit and staff’s dedication to the care of the Members. They are knowledgeable, able, skilled, compassionate and caring, and above all – always ready with a friendly smile!”

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