Volunteer Spotlight

Jodi Lindauer

Linden Knoll resident Jodi Lindauer is a doer! Not only does she volunteer at the Friendly Home Gift Shop once a week, she also lends her time working in the Linden Knoll store and at the reception desk. Jodi is a member of the community’s Dining and Life Enrichment Committees as well; she also organizes twice monthly resident dinners and coordinates Jewish faith group meetings.

Why is volunteering important to Jodi? “I’ve always volunteered, since the time I was a child. I like being busy.” Jodi studied Psychology at the University of Michigan, and later earned a PhD in the field. In her 30’s, she went back to school at the State University of Brockport, where she earned a Master’s in Mathematics.

Jodi enjoys interacting with Friendly Home Members, staff and visitors to the Gift Shop. “They have such beautiful things!” she says. Jodi is an inspiring example to volunteers of all ages, and we are very grateful for her service at the Friendly Home!

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