We are very proud, humbled and excited about the Friendly Home’s ranking as the #1 nursing home in New York State by Newsweek!

Proud because this recognition is due to the exceptional efforts put forth by our team of health care heroes every day to serve our Members with care, compassion and excellence. Even as the challenges of the global COVID-19 pandemic continue, our staff’s hard work and dedication never falters. As one of our Members recently said: “The Friendly Home is #1 because they make us #1!”

Humbled because our organization has been a trusted partner in delivering quality care and services for older adults in our community since 1849. We always strive to be the best! This prestigious recognition inspires and motivates us to continue building on our success through innovation and leadership in our field.

Excited because we are looking forward to celebrating this amazing achievement with Team Friendly! We are busy planning a week of festivities in November to recognize our employees and thank them for all that they do.

Being ranked #1 among the over 600 nursing homes in New York State is certainly an honor, one that we will live up to by showing that friends care always!

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