8 Approaches to Memory Care

At the Friendly Home, we are dedicated to providing attentive, compassionate and excellent care. Our Lee Place neighborhood offers care and services that are specialized to meet the unique needs of Members in various stages of Alzheimer’s disease and related conditions. We take a best abilities approach to memory care, focusing on what Members can do, not on what they can’t. 

1) A safe, secure, comforting setting with few disruptions. Overhead pages and the presence of staff who do not work on Lee Place are kept to a minimum. An enclosed outdoor patio allows safe enjoyment of nature. 

2) The memory care neighborhood consists of all private rooms, giving Members a sense of familiarity and ownership, as well as privacy for one-on-one interactions with staff and loved ones.

3) Experienced, trained professionals provide services, care and communications specially geared toward Members with memory conditions.

4) Engagement programs are driven by individual abilities. For example, a craft activity will be broken down into easily followed steps to assure Member success and satisfaction. For some, perhaps music or art works best to foster concentration and pride. For those who are restless or anxious, providing opportunities for purposeful activity is the key.

5) Cueing through words and signs is an important tool for guidance and reminders throughout the day.

6) Our Tranquility Room provides a serene, calm and peaceful oasis for Members and their loved ones to spend quiet time together, meditating or praying.

7) Joyful moments abound during visits with therapy pets and schoolchildren, evoking happy memories (as/when permitted in compliance with COVID restrictions).

8) Members are cared for holistically, with a support team including medical, nursing, social work, life enrichment, dietetic and therapy professionals. Each person is treated as a unique and special individual.

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