Ten Ways to Avoid Slips, Trips and Falls!

Falls are the leading cause of injury for people aged 65 and over. And while the risk of falls increases as you age, the tips below are applicable to all of us!

·  Remove all throw rugs and keep walkways free of clutter. Keep an eye out for uneven surfaces.

·  Be sure to have lights within reach at the entrance of all rooms. Nightlights or timer switches are great to have as well.

·  Keep your cordless or cell phone with you or have phones within easy reach.

·  If you use a walker, consider attaching a walker bag to always keep your phone with you and to safely transport items around your home.

·  Keep frequently used items within easy reach; usually between hip and eye level is best. Use a reacher as needed for objects on the floor or up high.

·  Install grab bars at the entrance of your home if there are no railings, as well as in your bedroom. Safety rails or raised toilet seats are also good ideas.

·  Wear safe footwear with appropriate treads, i.e., waterproof and/or non-slip.

·  Use the railings on stairs and avoid undue speed. Keep an unobstructed view of the stairs ahead of you.

·  Proper body mechanics are important. Avoid awkward positions, and be careful lifting items. Ask for help when needed!

·  Make sure floors are dry. Immediately clean up any spills or wet surfaces to avoid slipping.

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