“Don’t Wait Too Long to Move to Cloverwood”

Each year, Cloverwood Senior Living hosts a panel discussion. Our residents share their valuable perspectives on a variety of topics with guests who may be interested in moving to a senior living community such as Cloverwood.

Some of the most common concerns we hear are: When is the right time to move? What is the right place for me? How will I ever be able to downsize? Cloverwood’s patio and apartment home residents are the best people to answer these questions, having gone through the moving process themselves. Here are a few of their stories.

Sis, an apartment home resident, acknowledges that moving to a smaller place is hard. But life at Cloverwood is “like living in a grand hotel. The people who live and work here are wonderful.” One of Sis’ favorite things about her apartment home is that she has her own garden. “I just love to walk outside and enjoy my annuals and perennials.” Inside, there are lots of windows to take in the view.

Don moved to Cloverwood after his wife of 53 years passed away. “I realized that what I needed was not to sit around the house, but rather to be with and do things with people,” Don remembers. After shopping around, Don decided Cloverwood was the right place for him. As for how he handled the move from a house to an apartment, Don says he sought assistance from a professional “downsizer” who helped him make decisions about what to donate, what to throw out and what to keep.

Bob and his wife also decided to move back to the Rochester area after living in Hilton Head, SC for 25 years. “We don’t regret for one single moment moving to Cloverwood,” Bob notes. He encourages other seniors to think hard about making a move and not waiting too long to do so. He advises, “It’s better to be five years too early than five minutes too late.”

Ann calls Cloverwood her “shining city on the hill.” Ann moved back to Rochester from Virginia six years ago to be closer to her family. “People care about you here, they are friendly. You’re never a stranger,” she says. Ann enjoys being “spoiled” by Cloverwood’s outstanding culinary team, the library, wooded walking trails and fitness center. “There’s so much to do if you want to. It’s great being close to downtown for the theater and RPO, and the Cloverwood bus will even take you there!”

When asked by guests to name what they liked best about Cloverwood, our residents provided these answers:

  • It’s a pet-friendly community
  • Spaciousness and comfort of my home
  • Beautiful pool and amenities
  • I made friends right away
  • Giving up yard work!
  • Terrific, extremely helpful staff

The sentiment expressed most frequently and strongly by residents during the panel discussion was “I wish I had moved sooner.” We understand that moving to a senior living community, even one as independent and active as Cloverwood, is a huge decision. If you are considering such a move, we encourage you to come and visit Cloverwood and learn more about living here!

To arrange a personal tour of Cloverwood, please call me at (585) 248-1131. You may also visit our website at

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