What is Respite Care for Older Adults?

Respite care typically refers to a short term stay at a senior living community, usually at the assisted living level of care.  It is now allowed for 120 days per calendar year in New York State.  This used to be capped at 6 weeks, and by extending the time allowed, the State has acknowledged that respite care has become an effective and necessary helping tool for families.

Everyone needs a little break now and then.  Caregivers must take care of their own health to manage in their all-consuming responsibilities of being “life support” for a loved one.  Burnout is common. Waiting until you become exhausted, isolated or overwhelmed are signs you need to look for help. Making time to rest, recharge, and relax isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity!

Common signs and symptoms of caregiver stress include:

  • Anxiety, depression, irritability
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Overreacting to minor nuisances
  • Feeling tired and run down
  • Having trouble concentrating
  • Drinking, smoking or eating more
  • Feeling resentful
  • Cutting back on leisure activities

Respite care at Glenmere offers a lovely furnished apartment, plus all of the services and amenities of assisted or enhanced assisted living.  This includes meals, snacks, medication management, social, cultural and physical activities, bed making and personal laundry, a personal emergency response button, dressing, showering, and personal care needs.  Most importantly, it provides dignity, privacy and a sense of well-being to our temporary visitors.

Many websites are available to offer guidance for caregivers.   A few to explore include Also, learn more about Glenmere by visiting

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