Honoring Certified Nursing Assistants

In June we honor our Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) for the tremendous work they do in support of our Members. The CNA’s at the Friendly Home are the closest confidants to our Members. They help our Members live their best lives every day, and they hold our Members’ hands in comfort on their worst ones. CNA’s are the unsung heroes of the work we do, and we couldn’t provide excellent care without them. My column today is dedicated to all of the CNA’s who serve the Members of the Friendly Home. We appreciate you more than you know! Thank you for all you do every day!

Of all the gifts God made

To care for all the sick

Your special role portrays

The reason you were picked

Your role was heaven made

So very long ago

The Angel’s sang with pride

To see God’s love bestowed

And every Angel knows

The radiance of this gift

That God Almighty gave

They see it shift to shift

As in your heart of gold

You comfort healing hearts

At every patient’s side

God’s love you do impart

To honor your hard work

A treasured prize was made

It sits in heaven’s home

On shelves all made of jade

Of all the gifts God gave

For patients to get well

Your heart of gold has won

Truly a Prize Nobel

    Source: “Tribute to a C.N.A.” 1996, E.V Stankowski, RN

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