Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is always special. When I was a child, I loved this time of year because of the presents. As an adult, I love this season because of the gifts. What is the difference? Let’s look at the definitions:

  • Present/Gift – noun: a thing given to someone without payment

Notice that the definition of “present” and “gift” are synonymous, identifying something tangible that is exchanged without an expectation of payment. Giving someone a present/gift is a wonderful gesture that demonstrates appreciation. But the word “gift” has additional meanings:

  • Gift – noun: a natural ability or talent

So the word “gift” also refers to someone’s natural abilities or talents. For me, the holiday season is much more than the “presents” we exchange. I love this season because people use their individual “gifts,” their natural talents and abilities, to do good for others. During this holiday season, I have witnessed Friendly Home employees using their gifts and talents to do good for our Members in countless ways. Our organization is blessed to have so many caring individuals working here, each with unique talents to share. It is truly heartwarming to witness such generosity!

Thank you to everyone for sharing your “gifts” with the Members and our organization this year. We had tremendous success and the Members benefited greatly because of your efforts. As we look toward 2015, I encourage everyone to continue finding ways to use your “gifts” each day to benefit the Members. They appreciate your talents, caring, and thoughtfulness more than you know.

I wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season!

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