What We’re Grateful For!

In honor of Thanksgiving Day, we conducted an informal poll of our Members, families, staff and volunteers to ask what they are grateful for. Many people responded “friends and family;” here are some of the other blessings we counted!

My health! – Gene, Family

The happy faces at the Friendly Home. – Joy, Volunteer

My friend, Karen. They call us the BFF’s! – Diane, Member

I think we are in the best place possible. I feel lucky to be here. There’s so much going on! – Rosemary, Member

I love that Thanksgiving is a holiday where food is shared with family and friends and there are no other gifts that need to be purchased and wrapped! – Beth, Social Work Department

That someone plays the piano and we have music. – Helen, Member

My wife and Derek Jeter. – Bob, Member

I’m thankful to have a job working with great staff and Members. – Kim, Recreation Department

I am very thankful for the blessings of a dedicated, capable and compassionate staff that care for and serve the Friendly Home, Linden Knoll, Cloverwood and Glenmere residents so well. I am also thankful for the commitment and support of all members of the various boards of directors, committees and volunteers associated with Friendly Senior Living. It is an honor and pleasure to work with so many wonderful and caring people in service to others. – Jim, Administration

I’m grateful for my brothers and that I get to spend the holidays with my family. – Ted, Member

I am thankful for pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream. – Sara, Dining Services Department

My grandchildren! – Kathy, Volunteer

My four sons who live close by. – Ray, Member

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for having all five senses and the ability to walk/run. These are “simple things” that I feel we too often take for granted. – Larissa, Marketing & Development Department

Laughter and music. – Lorraine, Member

Surviving cancer. – Karen, Administration

I am grateful to work in such a friendly and caring environment! – Maria, Human Resources Department

Sponge candy. – Marion, Member

I am thankful for my wonderful family, friends, my faith, football, and to work for and with such a great group of people. Happy Thanksgiving! – Sheila, Recreation Department

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