Celebrating Our Certified Nursing Assistants!

National Certified Nursing Assistants Week is June 12 – June 19. At the Friendly Home,  Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) play a very important role 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. They are the caregivers who know our Members best, and spend the most one on one time with Members. Their compassionate care and friendship with our Members (and their families) is invaluable and a big part of what makes the Friendly Home such a special place.

We utilize primary care nursing in the Friendly Home’s Nursing department, which means that staff is assigned to the same group of Members on a daily basis. This thoughtful approach to care means that staff becomes very familiar with the Member’s needs, likes, dislikes, choices, etc. The relationship that forms is beneficial for the Member, his or her family, and the nursing staff. For example, we have found that primary care nursing helps new Members in their adjustment to the Friendly Home following admission. We have also found that Members’ families develop good relationships with many of our CNAs, which helps them to begin to trust someone other than themselves to care for their loved one. This is a big step for all families. We teach our CNAs – and all of our employees – that when we admit a Member, we also are admitting their family and have a responsibility to do our best to keep both satisfied.

We appreciate our CNAs for all that they do for our Members. Every day, we see CNAs exhibiting our core values of Friendship, Compassion, Excellence, Teamwork, Integrity and Customer Focus. As the Director of Health Services at the Friendly Home, I am very proud and honored to work with our dedicated CNAs who make a positive impact on our Members each and every day. On behalf of everyone at the Friendly Home, I say THANK YOU!

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