Living Our Values

Most organizations have formal mission and philosophy statements, and it is becoming increasingly common to have a standard set of values as well. The Friendly Home’s Values are: Friendship, Teamwork, Compassion, Excellence, Integrity, and Customer Focus. It’s vital that an organization demonstrates these values in the behaviors that employees practice every day and that they are inherent in all that we do to help those who live, work and interact with us have the best possible experience. In order to accomplish this, values have to play a prominent role in our everyday world.

  • We have integrated our values in the following ways to keep them top of mind:
  • They are prominently displayed on banners visible as you drive up to the Home, in our lobby and in employee areas.
  • We have developed behavioral interviewing tools that ensure we hire the right people.
  • Next, new employees receive a separate and distinct orientation plan that focuses solely on the values. This is an offshoot of the 8 hours of person-centered training that the majority of our staff completed and is now offered twice a year for new employees as well.
  • Lastly, the values have been incorporated into our annual performance reviews which also include a self- evaluation.

Recognition is an important part of sustainability and one of the ways the Home does this is through our “Shout Out” program. Members, families and staff are encouraged to submit examples of ways in which others are living the values. “Shout Outs” are publicized in both our family and employee publications.

The Friendly Home’s Values provide a strong and positive foundation for our continued journey toward cultural transformation.

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