Celebrating Our Nurses

Sometime throughout our lives, a nurse has touched us all.  You might have met a nurse in the hospital who provided great care to you or a family member.  Or, when a loved one resided in an assisted living community or nursing home, a nurse may have played a significant role in helping your loved one adjust to their new home and community.

While nurses are trained to provide appropriate clinical support no matter what setting they work in, they also provide so much more than that.  Nurses show unending compassion and bring that human connection to the patients they care for.  

In assisted living and nursing home communities, nurses have an opportunity to know their residents for a longer period of time. It isn’t unusual for a nurse to know a resident’s favorite activities, what they enjoy talking about, what’s important to them and what makes them sad. Nurses often know the resident’s family, children, grandchildren and shares conversations about memories and special events in their lives. 

Nurses realize that the clinical support and daily care they provide is imperative. But these very special individuals also know that it really is about caring for the   “whole person” and what is important to that resident each and every day that makes the difference in their overall quality of life.

As we celebrate National Nurses Week this first part of May, remember the nurse that touched your heart or touched the life of a family member or loved one. Take the time to say that special “thank you”!

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