Happy New Year!

Another new year, another round of New Year’s Resolutions! We asked a variety of folks around the Friendly Home to share their hopes, goals and ambitions for 2014. Here are the responses we’ve received from our staff, Members, TCC patients, and families. Though simply stated, many of these sentiments are quite profound and meaningful, focusing on family, healthy lifestyles, self-improvement and friendship. We wish everyone a bright, happy and healthy new year!

I am going to focus on being kind to all. – Jodi
Start working out, go to the gym, be healthier! – Maria
Stay in closer touch with my sister in St. Louis. – Anita
I am not going to fall again! I am going to use my button. – Lucille
To just have some more fun. – Beth W.
To do the very best I can with everyone. – Helen
To not be such a perfectionist. – Beth P.
Working on my bucket list. – Julie
I would like to get back to where I was before I fell. – Jean
Try to be closer to family. – Nola
Complete three 5K races in 2014. – Sara
Exercise more. – Heather
I will continue to follow the Eden teachings. – Becky
To be more understanding with my father. – Lorraine
Stay alive, stay awake, participate in more programs. – Gladys
To stop worrying so much. – Chris
To be content. – Betty R.
Run a marathon! – Lisa
To lose weight. – Judy
Spend more time with family. – Betty G.
Continue to give kindness, patience and understanding to our patients. – Patti
I vow to keep a gratitude diary so that I can reflect on my positives daily. – Mary

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