“It was a Wise Decision”

Patients recovering from illness, injury or elective surgery are faced with the decision of whether to go directly home from the hospital or recover in a rehab facility. Home care is great when the patient is ready for that level of care; however, many times the patient needs the intensity, equipment and motivation provided in a rehab facility that cannot be provided at home. In addition, there are often barriers at home that present significant risks to the patient such as stairs leading to a second floor bed and bath, dim lighting or a lack of assistance from family members. A premature return home can lead to a worsening condition and/or re-hospitalization. Regaining strength and independence in a rehab facility prepares patients for a safe return home which ensures a more positive outcome.

The Lovejoy Transitional Care Center (TCC) at the Friendly Home has been providing short-term rehabilitation since 1999. We have an interdisciplinary approach that balances personalized care with such comforts as private rooms, a designated therapy gym and a beautiful, dining/lounge with a gas fireplace. Our patients are very pleased with the care and service they receive as demonstrated by scores of 100% satisfaction in surveys they completed after discharge from the Friendly Home.

One patient at the Friendly Home summed up her choice to recover in rehab versus home by stating, “It was a wise decision. The staff pushes you a little bit more, but at the same time makes you feel good about it. I’m not sure I would have been as motivated at home. My husband and I were both definite afterwards that the Friendly Home was the way to go because it was easier and safer for me there.”

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