Culture Change at the Friendly Home

The Friendly Home is on a culture change journey to create a home for our Members in which person-centered care and relationship-building are paramount. The culture change movement has been sweeping nursing homes across the country in an effort to transform facilities from the traditional models of medical institutions into homes where residents’ choices and preferences are honored, where residents are engaged and involved, and where actions are driven by organizational values.

While serving Members with care and compassion has always been at the heart of everything we do at The Friendly Home, our culture change journey is teaching us how to make the lives of our Members even more meaningful, purposeful and pleasurable beyond meeting their medical needs. We are strengthening our foundation by embracing person-centered values and practices.

Culture change supports an environment in which Members are able to openly convey their own personal preferences and staff is able to provide care accordingly. At the Friendly Home, we see our culture change journey as one that is never-ending. Building relationships, fostering a person-centered environment, empowering staff, and focusing on providing the best possible quality of life for our Members based on our core values will continue to drive our path forward.

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