Senior Housing: What Are Your Options?

In today’s Senior Living industry there are so many different housing and services options, knowing which community is right for you or a loved one can be very confusing.  There are a few key questions to consider about what is important to you in your new home, such as what amenities do you want and what supportive services do you need?  If you require skilled nursing services provided by a nursing home, there are many choices offered in our area. If you do not require skilled nursing care, a senior living community is one of your best options.

In Monroe County you’ll be delighted to see there are numerous types of senior living communities to choose from which provide a wide range of services and personal assistance:

Independent Living communities provide housing and often some dining and housekeeping services, transportation, and an array of activities.

Licensed Adult Home or Enriched Housing Community offers even more services and also support with personal care. The majority of these communities are licensed and operate under the auspices of the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). NYSDOH licensing requires that services such as assistance with personal care, medication, meals, housekeeping, laundry and most importantly case management, be provided for residents in these communities.

Licensed Assisted Living Program, another program within an Adult Home or Enriched Housing community, also provides supportive services and helps individuals who require financial support meeting the Medicaid guidelines.

The most recent certifications called Assisted Living Residence (ALR), Enhanced Assisted Living Residence (EALR), and Special Needs Assisted Living Residence (SNALR), provide individuals an opportunity to continue to safely reside in their current senior living community.  Residents receiving EALR services may receive support to include management of incontinence, diabetes, oxygen, and other medical equipment, and one person assistance with ambulation and transfers. SNALR services would provide supervision and care to individuals afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.

Other communities advertised as Assistive Living Communities (unlicensed) often have similar services but are contracted by the resident directly through a home health care agency.

New York State has taken some forward steps by providing these options for our seniors and helping them to age in place. In other words, seniors may continue to reside in the senior living community they initially selected and which has become their “home,” able to receive additional necessary services without having to move to another facility.

To obtain additional information regarding the various levels of housing and supportive services, please visit the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) website at   Type in the Search Box – Consumer Guide.

For a comprehensive list of services for seniors in the Greater Rochester area, please visit, which was developed by the Greater Rochester Area Partnership for the Elderly (G.R.A.P.E.).

Glenmere Assisted Living has also developed a brochure called “The Right Choice at The Right Time” with key questions and information about assisted living. Please visit our website at

If you have any questions regarding the different levels of care offered in New York State, please contact me at (585) 248-1210.

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