Celebrating 175 Years of Service to the Rochester Community!

Friendly Senior Living was founded by a group of charitable women in 1849.

Now, 175 years later, our organization remains dedicated to providing compassionate, excellent and mission-driven care and services to older adults in our community. We will be celebrating this amazing milestone throughout the year, so please visit often for news and updates!

Thank you for showing that friends care always.

Share your memories about Friendly Senior Living

Friends, as we celebrate this most amazing milestone in our history, we are asking you to share your special memories of the Friendly Home, Linden Knoll, Cloverwood and/or Glenmere!

  • Perhaps a cherished parent or grandparent lived in one of our communities?
  • Have you worked here in any capacity?
  • How about volunteering – as a student, young adult, Board member, retiree or loved one of a resident?

We’d love to hear your story! Please take a few moments to share your memories with us.


Friendly Senior Living’s 175th Birthday Celebration!