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Visitation Update

Based on guidelines imposed by the New York State Department of Health, a facility must be free of any COVID-19 cases in residents and staff for no less than 14 days before in-person visitation can commence. At Glenmere, in-person visitation is currently paused until January 29th.


Glenmere Assisted Living Visit:

Glenmere Memory Care Visits:

We ask that families schedule one visit per resident each week so that everyone can enjoy an opportunity to visit with their loved ones. Thank you!

If you experience any issues in scheduling your visit, please contact Kim Bidleman at (585) 248-1238 or


  • Glenmere must be COVID-positive free for 14 days to allow visitors.  If a staff person or resident tests positive for COVID-19, all visitation to the facility will be halted. 
  • Visitor is 18 years of age or older, or accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older.
  • Adequate staff are present to allow for personnel to help with the transition of residents, monitoring of visitation, and cleaning and disinfecting visitation areas after each visit.
  • Signage regarding facemask utilization and hand hygiene practices is posted in the visiting area, and applicable floor markings are in place to cue social distancing delineations.
  • Visitors are screened for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 prior to resident access and are refused access if they exhibit any symptoms or do not pass the screening questions. Screening must consist of both temperature checks and questions to assess potential exposure to COVID-19, which shall include questions regarding international travel or travel to other states designated under the Commissioner’s travel advisory. The facility must maintain documentation of the screening questions asked onsite and make it available upon the Department’s request.
  • Documentation of visitor screening must be maintained onsite in an electronic format and available upon the Department’s request for purposes of inspection and potential contact tracing. Documentation must include the following for each visitor or representative of the long-term care ombudsman program (LTCOP) to Glenmere:
    • First and last name of visitor
    • Physical (street) address of the visitor
    • Daytime and evening telephone number
    • Date and time of visit
    • Email address if available
  • A notation indicating the individual cleared the screening (both temperature and questions) that does not include any individual temperatures or other individual specific information.
  • Areas where visitors and residents meet are appropriately disinfected between visitations using an EPA-approved disinfectant.
  • There is adequate PPE to ensure residents wear a facemask or face covering during visitation.
  • Visitors wear a face covering at all times. Glenmere will provide a facemask if the visitor is lacking a face covering.
  • Glenmere provides alcohol-based hand sanitizer to visitors and residents, and staff demonstrate appropriate use.
  • Glenmere will establish additional guidelines as needed to ensure resident and staff safety and continuity of facility operations. Such guidelines shall include provisions for limiting the number of visitors at any one time and limited visitor hours to ensure all residents may have visitation.
  • Visitation is limited to outdoor areas, weather permitting. Under certain limited circumstances, as determined by Glenmere, visitation can be inside in a well-ventilated common space with no more than 10 individuals who are appropriately socially distanced and wear a facemask or face covering while in the presence of others. At no time shall the total number of visitors exceed 10 percent of the in-house resident census.
  • Current COVID-19 positive residents, residents with COVID-19 signs or symptoms, and residents in a 14-day quarantine or observation period are not eligible for visits.
  • Glenmere has developed a short, easy-to-read fact sheet outlining visitor expectations including appropriate hand hygiene and face covering requirements. The fact sheet is provided upon initial screening to all visitors.

If any visitor fails to adhere to the protocol, he/she/they will be prohibited from visiting during the duration of the COVID-19 state declared public health emergency, per New York State Department of Health.


Please use our online system to schedule in-person/window visits and Zoom chats.

  • Visits will be scheduled in 45 minute time slots.
  • Visits must be scheduled in advance and they will be monitored by a staff person.
  • Guests will arrive at 1 Wheatley Terrace, walk to the vestibule to get screened, then directed back outside to their designated visit site.
  • Upon arrival, visitor will receive a fact sheet outlining visitor expectations.
  • Visitors will sanitize hands immediately when arriving to visit site.
  • Glenmere employee will ensure residents hands are sanitized immediately upon arriving to site.
  • No food or drink items are allowed at the visit.
  • Face masks are worn at all times for the resident and the visitor.
  • Stanchions are set up to appropriately distinguish 6 feet distance between visitor and resident.
  • Two visitors at a time only.
  • Visitor is to remain behind the roped off area at all times.
  • Glenmere employee will disinfect visit site immediately following ending of visit.

News & Information

Precautions/Infection Control

  • We are screening every employee, every shift, every day as they come to work. This includes 1) taking their temperatures and 2) having them complete a questionnaire about COVID-19 risk factors, including showing signs of respiratory illness and potential exposure to anyone with COVID-19. No one will be allowed to enter the building if they have a fever or other symptoms of respiratory illness. Employees are constantly reminded that if they are not feeling well in any way, they should not come to work.
  • Universal masking policies are in place – ALL employees MUST wear masks.
  • We continue to follow rigorous infection prevention and control procedures. These include handwashing and wearing gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE). As with proper wearing of masks, we are continuously reinforcing and monitoring these procedures with our staff.
  • Our thorough disinfecting and cleaning processes are performed frequently, with special attention to commonly touched areas such as door knobs, light switches, elevator buttons and the like.
  • Hand sanitizers have been installed throughout the building in common areas. 
  • We have implemented plans to limit as much as reasonably possible the movement of individuals within and throughout Glenmere.
  • Social distancing of at least six feet is monitored and strictly enforced.
  • We have an adequate inventory on hand of PPE and cleaning and disinfecting supplies, with ordering and deliveries occurring on a daily basis.

Glenmere continues to be sufficiently staffed in important areas such as Nursing, Dining Services, Environmental Services and Life Enrichment. Our Human Resources team has implemented several staffing strategies to build up our pool of employees and maintain the necessary staffing levels to provide care and services for our Residents. 

Inventory & Supplies
We are maintaining sufficient inventories of the supplies we need, including items like gowns and gloves, cleaning supplies and food/beverages. 

Resident Engagement

Glenmere’s Life Enrichment team is going above and beyond to keep our residents active and engaged. 

  • Traveling carts full of activities for the residents:
    • A traveling wine and cheese cart
    • Traveling lemonade, ice tea, and assorted cookies 
    • Activity cart with disposable activities like coloring sheets, colored pencils, word puzzles, jokes, trivia questions, snack items 
  • 1-1 visits
  • Hallway Bingo
  • Independent activities are also being provided, such as word puzzles and news clips
  • Live chats with loved ones are continuing all day long; this is wonderful for families to see their mom, dad, or even spouse.  Our residents love these chats! 
  • The Life Enrichment team is in frequent contact with families via email, and sending them pictures of their loved ones.

These activities are all conducted while practicing social distancing and rigorous sanitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mail is still being delivered to Glenmere. For those residents who open their own mail, it is being delivered to them. There is a 3-day “quarantine” on mail once it arrives at Glenmere before it is delivered to residents.

We ask that you limit deliveries of any items to your loved ones. If you must deliver something to Glenmere, please call our concierge first at 585-248-1200.  When you arrive at Glenmere, our front doors will be locked. Call the concierge from the vestibule to let her know you are leaving something for your loved one, and someone will get the item and deliver it.  Again, due to federal regulations, you will not be able to enter the building. It is best to limit non-essential deliveries as much as possible.

Packages arriving from Amazon or other online stores are quarantined utilizing the same process as the mail.  However, if the package contains needed supplies, with the approval of the resident or family member, our staff will open and deliver upon arrival.

Again, we’re asking you to limit deliveries to Glenmere during this time. However, we will accept flower deliveries for Residents.

We are very committed to making sure all of our Residents are engaged, involved, and as active as possible, while practicing social distancing:

  • Traveling carts full of activities for the residents:
    • A traveling wine and cheese cart
    • Traveling lemonade, ice tea, and assorted cookies 
    • Mobile happy hour with signature drinks 
  • Independent activities, such as word puzzles and news clips
  • Live chats with loved ones are continuing; this is wonderful for families to see their mom, dad, or even spouse.  Our residents love these chats! 
  • The Life Enrichment team is in contact with families via email, and sending them pictures of their loved ones.

These activities are all conducted while practicing social distancing and rigorous sanitation.

Several of our residents do come out of their rooms as they are able to, and of course, our staff is making sure that social distancing is maintained.

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