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The Friendly Home is committed to advocating on behalf of older adults. While our advocacy efforts are especially strong during the annual New York State budget process, The Friendly Home encourages our community partners to continue communicating with elected representatives throughout the year. We must continue to advocate in order to preserve quality care and support for our frail elderly and their families who depend on organizations like The Friendly Home for their long-term care needs.

As a service provider for the elderly, we know that it is impossible to put a price on care and compassion.  Yet year after year, state budget cuts have had a significant negative impact on nursing homes. The financial pressure on nursing homes has approached the breaking point; we simply cannot absorb any further Medicaid cuts without risking quality of care.

We know that there is power in numbers, and you and your loved ones have every right to be heard in our state and national capitals. It just isn’t easy for one person to make a difference in government, but together, we can deliver our message with a huge impact.

How can you help? The Friendly Home is a member of LeadingAge New York, a powerful, respected and influential force in the New York political arena. LeadingAge New York vigilantly monitors the pulse of state government, and a number of staff members are registered lobbyists who have earned valuable recognition both inside the Capitol and throughout the state. Accordingly, LeadingAge New York’s input is routinely sought by government leaders and policymakers. LeadingAge New York serves as its members’ government watchdog on all health and regulatory issues.

Visit the LeadingAge New York website’s advocacy center to learn more about actions you can take to advocate for the elderly. Most will take only moments of your time, and together, our voices will be heard!

Advocacy Center

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