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Any significant lifestyle change requires careful planning and asks you to address some very important issues. At Cloverwood, we understand the questions and concerns that may be on your mind—and we can help you find answers. This is the time to begin your journey to the ideal lifestyle you’ve always wanted. And as you do, we’re here to help make your next step an easy—even enjoyable—one to take. Select of the statements below to learn more.

Fact: What if you found that Cloverwood was right for you and would enable you to have a fulfilling lifestyle without the burden of maintaining a house? When would you want to move? The only way to determine if Cloverwood is right for you is by taking a personal tour and seeing it for yourself. You may even find it easier to plan a move with time on your side rather than waiting and feeling rushed during the moving process.

Fact: Unlike your current house, Cloverwood is specifically designed to accommodate your active lifestyle and anticipate your future desires. Chances are you’ve lived in your current house for a while now, and selected it using criteria that are very different from your needs and priorities today. If you look at your house objectively as though you were about to select it all over again, you might just conclude that it doesn’t match your lifestyle nearly as well as it once did. Too many stairs? Too much unused space? Too much cost and hassle associated with upkeep, maintenance and taxes? Not enough security? Too much bother and worry when traveling? What would you do in the event that a health concern arises? If any of these concerns have crossed your mind, then Cloverwood may provide the answers.

Fact: At Cloverwood, we believe “right sizing” is a much better term to describe the healthy process of simplifying and organizing to find new meaning in living. We firmly embrace the 80-20 rule, which states that most people derive 80% of their meaning and enjoyment out of about 20% of their possessions. With our wide range of spacious home options, we can guarantee room for the things that mean most to you, with plenty of room to spare. People are amazed when they begin to fully appreciate how much can be done in spaces that are carefully planned. And at Cloverwood, your living space extends well beyond your front door. Each Cloverwood residence includes full access to an array of common areas and amenities that no house could ever offer. Cloverwood is set amidst beautiful green spaces that are a natural extension of your new home.

Fact: Our commitment to helping you fulfill your highest aspirations doesn’t end the day you reserve your new Cloverwood home—it begins. Our friendly, highly trained marketing and facilities staff will work closely with you to assure a smooth and successful move. From helping you line up movers, to recommending interior designers, to completing your desired customizations, we know exactly what it will take to make moving to Cloverwood and settling in an exciting and pleasurable experience.

Fact: Many people who have attained a level of financial security through years of prudent planning and saving find that Cloverwood is surprisingly affordable. Let’s face it, you’ve worked hard to get where you are and made sound plans your whole life. Take a look at who is reserving homes at Cloverwood, and you’ll find plenty of folks like you—down-to-earth people who have always recognized value and seized opportunity. We know you do careful homework before making decisions, big or small. You’ll be amazed to find that Cloverwood is much more affordable than you think.

Fact: Cloverwood’s one-time entry fee is 100% refundable to you or your estate upon re-occupancy of your patio home or apartment, and provides access to amenities and services no buy-in or rental community in Rochester can match. When you take the time to compare, you will consistently find that entry-fee communities like Cloverwood offer an unparalleled lifestyle.

Fact: Cloverwood is all about creating freedom and independence, not limiting it. Our goal is to simplify and enrich your life by removing the day-to-day stresses and distractions that keep you from focusing on the things that matter most. Want to travel? Simply turn the key to your Cloverwood home and we’ll keep a close eye on things while you’re gone. Interested in pursuing long-time interests or developing new ones? Cloverwood’s ample offering of events and programs assures the broadest range of options. Tired of wasting time waiting for unreliable contractors and service personnel? At Cloverwood, you’re assured of prompt, friendly service from staff you will quickly come to know and trust. Not interested in regimented programs and schedules? We’re not, either, so you’re free to participate in Cloverwood’s events and programs on your own terms and at your own pace.

Fact: While nobody can predict the future, Cloverwood’s many options provide an excellent way to plan for it. Cloverwood offers timely, coordinated access to an array of quality services ranging from home healthcare, to on-site assisted living apartments and a separate memory care neighborhood at Glenmere, to short- and long-term nursing care nearby at the Friendly Home, one of Rochester’s most respected and experienced nonprofit providers. You’ve been a good planner your whole life. Why would you not have a plan in place for something as important as your future? There’s a lot to be said for knowing where your umbrella is, even on a sunny day.

Fact: We find that even the most well-intentioned family members and advisors often don’t fully understand the benefits and value of moving to a community like Cloverwood. That’s why we’re always delighted to talk directly with family members and advisors whose opinions you respect. In our experience, once the people closest to you understand everything you will gain from living at Cloverwood, they are very likely to agree with your decision. Besides, you’ve made major decisions all your life, so why stop now?

We encourage you to contact us with any questions so we can help put your mind at ease.

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