Volunteer Spotlight

Joe, Student Volunteer

Joe, a pre-med student at St. John Fisher College, has been volunteering at the Friendly Home since 2018. A favorite among our Members and staff alike, Joe is thrilled to be back visiting in person vs. doing Zoom calls during COVID-19 restrictions!

Joe visits with four Members once a week, and loves the conversations they have. The topics they discuss include family, shared interests, pets, politics, careers, where they grew up and so much more. Joe says he enjoys and gets as much out of these weekly talks as the Members do! He is always willing to lend a hand by helping Members make weekly meal selections based on their particular likes and dislikes, and bringing Members to the Friendly Home’s beauty salon for their appointments. On Tuesday mornings, you’ll find Joe at the register in the Friendly Home’s Gift Shop.

Joe is truly a gem! His genuine respect for and interest in Friendly Home Members shine through every time he visits.

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