Volunteer Spotlight

Cyndi & Donna, Gift Shop Volunteers

Donna and Cyndi came to know one other while their now adult children were schoolmates. That marked the beginning of not only a beautiful friendship, but also established what became a pattern of volunteer service. First, the two were involved in the Honeoye Falls-Lima PTA, and then (and now) at Benincasa, a non-profit organization offering end-of-life care and support. For over ten years, they have volunteered together in the Friendly Home’s Gift Shop.

Both Cyndi and Donna have sentimental ties to the Friendly Home. Cyndi’s mother-in-law was a Member for 17 years, and her father was also a Member. Says Cyndi, “Being a part of the Friendly Home will always be very special to me because of the family connections.” Donna fondly recalls “Tuesdays with Dale,” when she and a friend would visit with her friend’s dad every week. When this same friend asked Donna to take over her hours in the Gift Shop, Donna agreed. Cyndi said she’d like to work with Donna, and the rest is history!

The dynamic duo now assist Members, families and staff with their selections and purchases every Tuesday morning in the Gift Shop. “We’ve met wonderful people over the years, including so many of the great staff,” says Cyndi. Adds Donna, “I love getting to know and helping the Members. When I volunteer at the Friendly Home, I feel a sense of purpose.” Cyndi and Donna agree that there is an added bonus to volunteering: they both love to shop and enjoy the ever-changing inventory!

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