Spring 2023 Friendly Journal

Friendly Senior Living Announces Promotion, New Leadership Team Members

Friendly Senior Living, a continuum of caring communities, is pleased to announce the following promotion and new members of the non-profit organization’s leadership team. Michael Perrotta has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Housing & Executive Director of Cloverwood Senior Living and Linden Knoll. Perrotta joined the organization in 2014 as the Friendly Home’s […]

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1) Boost your hydration Seniors are more susceptible to dehydration than younger people because they don’t sweat or recognize thirst. Seniors should drink plenty of water before heading outdoors. When you think you’ve had enough, drink another glass! The standard suggestion is 6-8 glasses of water per day. 2) Dress for success and apply sunscreen […]

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Linden Knoll Resident Surprises “Senior to Senior” Program Partner

Harley School student Jerry Sun recently turned 18 years old, and his birthday celebration included a surprise visit from his “Senior to Senior” program partner, Nancy Jarose, a resident of Linden Knoll. Nancy brought Jerry a special gift, balloons and breakfast treats for him and his classmates. The two met through the Harley School’s program […]

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