Our Friendliness Comes from Our Volunteers!

Each week, hundreds of individuals devote countless numbers of hours to the Friendly Senior Living community. These dedicated, kind individuals are one of the most important elements of the Friendly Senior Living experience.

We want to extend the greatest of thank you’s  to our Friendly volunteers, who have become an integral part of our organization. Our volunteers make it possible to gather our Members for some of their favorite activities; without our volunteers, the gift shop would not be open, bingo could not be played, our residents could not be quickly and smoothly transported, and we would not be able to create such an energetic and positive community atmosphere through various activities and services.

These activities may seem simple, but they make a much larger impact on our community every day. The hours that our Friendly volunteers are able to devote touch many lives, and create an atmosphere full of hope, love, compassion, and most importantly: friendliness.

On April 11, 2016, we want to show our appreciation for our volunteers by inviting them to the Friendly Home Auditorium to celebrate all of the love and compassion they have shared to enrich the lives of all of us here at the Friendly Home. The best gift you can ever give is your time, because it is something you can never take back. We thank all of our Friendly volunteers for all of the time they have given us. Because friends care.

If you interested in learning more about volunteering at the Friendly Home, please call me, Mary Graham, at 585-385-0219 or email me at You may also visit our website at

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