Friendly Senior Living in the Digital Age

The idea of a senior living community taking an active role in social media may seem strange. But, in our increasingly digital world, much of the communication between an organization and the public happens online in the form of posts, blogs, tweets and shares. Friendly Senior Living is at the forefront of the movement towards digital engagement, and has developed a wide variety of ways for families, friends, staff, volunteers, and even Members to participate!

This level of social media involvement allows the entire Friendly Senior Living continuum to interact with the community in an entirely new way. It provides a way for grandchildren to check out all of the activities their grandparent is enjoying, for families of Members to share their stories, for volunteers to stay informed about upcoming events, for staff to share photographs, and much more!

The Friendly Home Facebook page serves as a resource for staff, family, volunteers, and even some Members! We share a wide variety of content, including photos of Friendly Home events, staff contests, Member activities and volunteer involvement. Click here to take a look at the Friendly Home’s Facebook page, and “like” it, if you haven’t already!

The Friendly Senior Living Twitter page puts out tweets that revolve around all areas of the Friendly Senior Living continuum. We share all sorts of FSL information; for example exciting events happening at Cloverwood, interesting crafts from Glenmere, fun outings at Linden Knoll, or volunteer information for the Friendly Home. It is also a great place to find healthy lifestyle tips, relevant local news, and community feedback about Friendly Senior Living. Click here to view our Twitter page.

Friendly Senior Living is also now on Pinterest – a bulletin-board style website that allows you to create ‘boards’ with pins from all over the internet. The types of Pins can be expected to be different for each board, (the Friendly Home, Linden Knoll, Cloverwood and Glenmere). Types of pins include recipes the Members enjoy, interesting local outings, arts and crafts projects, exercise ideas for older adults, and much more! Click here to see the Friendly Senior Living Pinterest page.

For all the techies out there, you can “Check-In” at any of the Friendly Senior Living communities (using the FourSquare app on a smartphone) to view photos, leave comments and learn more about the location.

Last but not least, the Friendly Senior Living blog (found on our website) is a great place to read about the different aspects of our communities from experts in the field. The content varies from discussions of the history of the Friendly Home, tips for families who have a parent moving into long-term care, to our culture change initiative, and much more. Click here to take a look at the current entries in the Friendly Senior Living blog, and keep an eye out for new additions!

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