What’s Doing at the Friendly Home?

How many of you watch television, whether a favorite show, sports or the news? How many of you read the newspaper, listen to the radio or music, go to a barber or salon for a hair cut, enjoy talking with neighbors or visiting with family and friends? These simple pleasures remain no matter where we live or how old we are.

The Friendly Home is not only a home but also a community to those that live here. Members still have the ability to decide what they want to do and what is meaningful to them. So far this year, we have planned and offered an average of 325 program opportunities per month, including but not limited to physical activities, games, social get-togethers, educational, cultural and music programs. Just think- how nice for Members to be able to “go out” to concerts, play bingo or go to weekly cocktail parties just by going to a gathering spot right inside their home!

Calendar planning groups are held monthly on all units and Members tell us what restaurants they want to go to, what recipes they want to use in baking groups, what activities would be of interest and what events they wish to celebrate.

For those not group oriented, we have movies on Channel 4 twice a week, we distribute a weekly independent activity packet containing a variety of stories, games and articles of interest and we offer books and supplies for in-room interests. We also have volunteer visitors who come in and spend time with our Members.

Health status is a big influence on what Members wish to do and we strive to be respectful of theirdecisions about their leisure time. Our goal is to support each individual’s choices and to enrich each day with a variety of opportunities.

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